Rehab – Fitness – Performance – Recovery

Injury Rehab and Prevention is Just Smart Training.

Smart training is a continuum of Rehab, Fitness, Performance and Recovery. Anything less will keep you from complete restoration of function after injury, looking and feeling your best and performing all the activities you enjoy at your full athletic potential.

You deserve to rehab, train and recover like a pro athlete

Professional athletes get better quickly and more completely after an injury. They can function at peak athleticism for longer and recover without feeling completely depleted. We strive to provide the same access of care you would get if you were a professional athlete. We don’t care if you play sports or not. Even normal day to day activity demands athleticism. Athleticism demands a program that integrates the best ideas in rehab, fitness, athletic performance training and recovery. Our team of experts in injury rehabilitation, functional fitness, athletic performance training and recovery will develop a personalized plan to restore your function after injury with Injury rehab-based training…

We will raise your functional capacity, resolve old injuries and movement limitations through functional fitness-based training…

We won’t stop there because that’s not enough. We will help you reach your peak athletic abilities through athletic performance-based training…

Still, that’s not enough… Nobody can function at peak athleticism without proven recovery strategies. You can rest assured, we have thought that through too.

Are you suffering from new, chronic or recurring injuries, can’t move like you used to or are having difficulty reaching your peak athleticism?

Let us be your injury rehab therapist, your fitness training expert, athletic performance coach and recovery specialist.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to feel better, look better, move and perform better than we will show you the way.

You deserve it.

  • 55 minute Chiropractic + rehab : $120

Our step by step approach

Our team of experts will assess your injuries, current level of fitness and your physical health goals to customize a comprehensive care plan integrating the latest in cutting edge science and technology in injury rehabilitation, functional fitness and athletic performance training to help you feel better, look better, move and perform better.



  • Evaluate Injured Areas and Overall Health
  • Evaluate Movement Compensations and Limitations
  • Evaluate Fitness and Athletic Performance Goals


Hands-on Therapy

  • Muscle Therapy
  • Joint Therapy
  • Mobility Therapy


Personalized Training

  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Functional Fitness
  • Athletic Performance