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We’ll get you back to peak performance

Active Bodywork experts specialize in helping people recover from sports injuries, workplace injuries, injuries caused by repetitive motion and improper lifting techniques, and even injuries resulting from poor posture. Our therapies reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate the healing process. We also help you learn to work with your body to restore mobility through concentrated, specialized bodywork and treatment.


Active Bodywork are specialists in contemporary athletics, from IronMan competitors to weekend joggers. We’re athletes ourselves. Our team of therapists understand the concerns of athletes. We focus on keeping you injury-free, so your training plan stays on track.

Targeted therapy for a speedy recovery

Our therapists are trained in injury prevention and recovery-specific methodologies, including Deep Tissue, Active Release, and Sports Massage. These advanced therapies target scar tissue, adhesions, and fibers deep inside of muscles, effectively relieving stiffness, reducing inflammation, improving range of motion and, more importantly, get you back to optimal health. Learn more about each technique, or call today to schedule an appointment.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep finger pressure and slow, measured strokes target bands of adhesions and realign fascia and deep muscle layers to quickly and effectively relieve stiffness and pain.

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Active Release Technique

Developed more than 30 years ago, Active Release Technique breaks down the scar tissue that builds up over time in highly active muscles and tendons. Untreated, this scar tissue causes pain and restricts movement and functionality.

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Sports Massage Therapy
A broad term covering several different techniques, Sports Massage Therapy focuses on injury prevention, often combining massages with targeted stretches.

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